The Granitapados, Lda Unipessoal, appeared in 2012, from the change of name of the company, António Madureira Moreira. This company, which has a great know-how in the area of ornamental rocks and dedicated for over 25 years, processing, application and marketing of all types of granite, some marble and limestone.
    The whole process of processing the raw material, to obtain the final product, is accompanied with rigor, experience and quality that our products deserve as quality and accuracy can not be neglected at some point. As our awareness of environmental protection. Hence, possess modern equipment for cleaning and reuse of water used throughout the production of our materials.

    With the technology we have, we are able to produce any piece of granite, since it is possible to produce. Where can include fireplaces, barbecues, pillars, columns, walls and facades, floors, funeral art, products for public and civil construction, decoration products ... All our products are made as unique pieces.

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